How To Add Page Numbers in Canva

Canva doesn't allow you to add page numbers! Follow the below detailed approaches for a way around.
How To Add Page Numbers in Canva

Canva doesn’t allow you to add page numbers! Follow the below detailed approaches for a way around.

Adding page numbers in Canva is necessary as it is ideal for document organization. Also, it increases navigation assistance and improves readability. Considering there isn’t a feature available, we have addressed this through the below approaches to add page numbers.

Using Text Box

The process of using the text box to add page numbers is the easiest approach of all, and the best part of it is flexibility. While it does the job, if you’re trying to make it engaging, you might be disappointed.

  1. Start by opening the project you’re working on and wait for it to load. However, if you’re working on a new one, click on Create a Design and select the template that meets your requirements.
Create a Design
  1. After the existing project is loaded, press T for the text box to appear.
New text box
  1. Now clear the text inside the text box and enter the number to mimic page numbers. If you’re feeling creative, try working on font, effects, or animations to make it more engaging.
Adding number on Text Box
  1. Once you’re happy with the placement of the text box, duplicate the page by clicking on the Duplicate page icon above the text box for it to appear on the next page.
Duplicate Page

Note: While duplicating the page eliminates the hassle of adding a text box to every page, you have to manually change the number according to the page, as it doesn’t auto-update and this applies for all approaches below.

Pages after duplicated

Using Shapes

If you have used the above approach to add page numbers, you might be satisfied with the result. However, if you’re finding it not engaging or fitting well with the design, try the below steps, which involve the use of Shapes.

Note: This approach can be difficult, considering you have to adjust each element of Shape manually. Also, it requires your creativity to make the shape avoid standing out or seeking attention from the main design.

  1. To use shapes and design an engaging page number to make it fit well with the design, begin by navigating to the options on the left, click on Elements, and then Shapes.
Shapes in Canva
  1. Doing this displays all the available shapes and from which choose the one that matches the existing design.
Available Shapes
  1. For demonstration, we have selected Circle and updated its color from the available options on the top. Also, we have adjusted its shape according to the design.

Tip: You can double-click on the shape to enter text to make this approach more easier. However, we have considered the use of a Text Box inside the Shape for the flexibility to change the placement of text rather than being stuck to the center.

Customize the Shape
  1. Next, press T to open a text box. Refer to Step 3 in the above approach, and once done, place the text box inside the shape created.
Placing Text box inside shape
  1. Here is the final result after trying to use the Shape and Text box to mimic a page number. If you’re happy with it, duplicate the page to use the same for the rest of the pages.
Result after adding page number as a shape

Using Graphics

If you find the approach – Using Shapes is time-consuming or difficult to implement, the best alternative is using existing graphics as they are well designed, and as Canva offers an exclusive collection, you’re always covered.

Note: While there is a little room for customization, the biggest limitation is the inability to edit the number inside the graphic. Hence, ensure the graphic you’re selecting isn’t limited to a few numbers and has a wide collection of numbers.

  1. To make an engaging page number with graphics, begin by navigating to the options on the left and click on Elements. Now, navigate to the Search Box, type Page Numbers, and hit Enter.
Searching for page numbers
  1. Doing this, you’re displayed with multiple results, from which click on Graphics to find a wide collection of page number graphics.
Page number graphics
  1. After you find the graphic that matches your design, click on it to add it to the design. Once done, adjust its size and place it as a page number to the design.
Result after adding page number as a graphic

Placing Page Numbers Perfectly Within Your Design

While you might think that the page numbers are perfectly placed, you must realize that they are perfectly aligned. To correct this, you can make use of Canva’s Rulers and Guides, and here are steps for it:

  1. Begin by opening the project, and once it is loaded, navigate to File and click on it. Now, from the list of options available, click on View Settings and then Show Rulers and Guides.
Show rulers and guides
  1. Once they are displayed, adjust their position with respect to the design. Refer to the below image for a better understanding:
Settings rulers and guides
  1. If you notice, the page number isn’t placed properly, and readjusting its size according to rulers and guides makes it visually appealing and ensures it doesn’t dominate the main design.
Well placed page number after using rulers and guides

Wrapping Up:

Congratulations on learning how to add and perfectly place page numbers in Canva!

After working on each approach, we suggest you do not use Graphics to create page numbers. While this approach is the easiest of all, we are against this for its limitations.

Hence, it is ideal to prefer using Text boxes or Shapes to add page numbers to the design as they are extremely customizable and flexible.


How to add page numbers in Canva on Android/iOS?

You can refer to the above approaches and perform the same in Canva on Android and iOS. However, keep in mind that the steps vary, but the core options don’t change.
Also, the interface of Canva remains the same on both platforms.

Hence, worry not, as you won’t have a hard time figuring out the steps.  

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