How to Change the Swipe Feature On iPhone Home Screen

How to Change the Swipe On iPhone Home Screen

Tired of using the same swipe gesture on your iPhone home screen? Well, you are in luck! In this post, we will focus on how to change the swipe on iPhone home screen according to your preferences. With a few easy steps, you can actually make your home screen look different. Let’s begin and see how we can change the swipe on your iPhone’s home screen.

Why Change the Swipe on the iPhone Home Screen

Swiping is an easy method to switch between different apps and displays on an iPhone. By default, swiping right on the screen leads you to Today View, and the left brings up the App Gallery. It is the default setting that works excellently for most people, yet there are many other reasons why you may wish to alter the swiping gesture on the home screen of your iPhone.

First of all, any device has a factor of personalization, which should be adjusted by making a swipe gesture. You can set your iPhone to your liking. 

Personalizing the gesture of swiping can enhance the intuitiveness and usability of the home screen for everyday usage. Additionally, changing the features of your iPhone home screen can increase productivity.

Top 3 Methods of Changing the Swipe Feature on your iPhone

Changing Swipe Gestures in Settings 

Firstly, let’s start with the easy method. The simplest and easiest way to change swipe gestures on your phone is to navigate to the device settings screen. This is how you do it:

  • Launch the Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll through the options and select Accessibility.
  • Choose Touch Accommodations from the Touch menu. 
Touch accomodations
  • Select the option Swipe Gestures.
Swipe gestures
  • Now, you may select several swiping gestures on the home screen. 
  • Once modified, exit from Settings and try the newly applied swiping gestures on your iPhone home screen.

You may customize the swiping gestures in your iPhone’s settings to suit your needs.

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Using Third-party apps

But in case you wish to have improved customization, third-party apps are worthy of considering choices and various swipe movements. These third-party apps provide additional functionalities and personalization. Here are some popular options:

  • Nova Launcher: Using this iPhone customizable home screen replacement app, you can modify the swipe options, add different types of widgets, and alter the app’s appearance.
  • Launcher: Launcher provides unique swipe functions and shortcuts that can help you. It allows you to open an app quickly from the home screen of your iPhone, select a specific contact for calling, and many other features.
  • Microsoft Start: This app was developed by Microsoft. This program provides a number of services and customization aspects, such as swipe gestures, sorting, and touch interfaces.

Using these applications, you can personalize your iPhone home screen according to your preference. 

Jailbreaking Allows Personalizing Swipe Gestures  

This is an advanced method intended for experienced iPhone jailbreakers who desire to upgrade the functionality of their device’s possibilities for personalizing swipe gestures. With jailbreaking, you can access system files and make changes that Apple would not normally permit. Here’s how to adjust swipe gestures by using jailbreaking:

  • Jailbreak an iPhone using compatible jailbreaking software.
  • Jailbreak is a tweak that enables swipe gesture customization, like Activator or Gesture Enhancer.
  • Go to the app, open the settings of jailbreak, and choose your preferred swipe motion.
  • Change and try out your new swipe gestures on the home screen of your iPhone.


After customization, can I revert to the default swipe settings on my iPhone’s home screen? 

You can easily revert to the default swipe settings on your iPhone’s home screen. Simply follow the steps mentioned for changing swipe actions in the Settings app. 

Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Touch Accommodations > Swipe Gestures, and choose the default actions for swiping left or right. 

This lets you switch back to the original settings and gestures in simple steps.

Is jailbreaking necessary to customize swipe gestures on my iPhone?

No, jailbreaking is not necessary for basic customization of swipe gestures on your iPhone. The method outlined in the guide involves using the built-in settings within the Accessibility menu. However, you may want more advanced customization options and are comfortable with jailbreaking. 

In that case, it opens up additional possibilities for tweaking system files and using third-party tweaks like Activator or SwipeExtenderX to enhance your swipe gestures further.


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