How To Use Canva PDF Editor

Are you trying to edit a PDF online? Learn how to use Canva PDF Editor to edit PDFs.

Canva is known by many as a reliable online graphic design platform, but are you aware of its PDF editor? If you haven’t used it before, it offers a user-friendly platform for editing PDFs while having access to Canva’s exclusive elements.

Get started by following the steps to edit your PDF for the first time in Canva PDF Editor :

Edit PDF with Canva PDF Editor

  1. Start by navigating to Canva PDF Editor on your browser and sign in to get started. Once successfully signed in, click on the Upload your PDF button present on the homescreen.
Canva PDF Editor homescreen
  1. Alternatively, you can do it from Canva by navigating to Uploads and clicking on the Upload Files button. Now select the PDF file, and once uploaded, it is displayed in the Projects.

Note: While we performed Step 2, Canva turned unresponsive for a few seconds. If that happens to you, we suggest you wait as the upload process is carried in the background.

Upload image
  1. Continuing with Step 1, after the PDF is finished uploading, Canva imports the PDF and opens it for you, which is ready to make edits and interact with different elements of the PDF like text, images, graphics, shapes, etc.
Edit text on an image in a PDF
  1. Now get creative with your PDF, and here are a few things that you can achieve with the Canva PDF Editor:
  • Edit existing PDF files easily, including text, images, and layouts.
  • Add or remove text, shapes, and images within the PDF.
  • Rearrange pages or merge multiple PDFs.
  • Access various fonts, colors, and formatting options for text.
  • Apply annotations like comments, highlights, and drawings.
  • Secure PDFs with passwords or restrict editing/printing permissions.
  • Utilize templates for creating visually appealing PDFs.
  • Export or download edited PDFs in different file formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Collaborate and share edited PDFs with others for feedback or further modifications.
  1. Once you’re happy with the changes you have made, navigate to the options on the right and click on the Share button. Now, from the choices that are displayed, click on Download.
Download option
  1. Doing so, you’re displayed with the Download options. Next, make changes to the File type if you want to transform or leave it as PDF Standard or PDF Print, and then click on the Download button.
Set File type

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on getting started and editing PDF on Canva PDF Editor!

While the Canva PDF editor is reliable for most PDF editing needs, it has a few limitations and lacks a few tools available from conventional online PDF editors. Hence, we suggest using it for creative editing needs that involve the use of fonts, images, icons, etc.

If none of the online PDF editors fit your requirements, you may prefer a dedicated PDF editor software like Adobe Acrobat for complete flexibility, more tools, and added customization.

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