20 Must-Try Modern Fonts on Canva for a Fresh Look

Selecting the right font can significantly impact the quality of your designs. Canva provides a wide range of modern fonts that can give your projects a fresh and contemporary look. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 20 modern fonts that you must try in Canva. These fonts are not only versatile but also in line with current trends, excellent choices for creating visually appealing designs that require a touch of modern elegance.

1. Aileron

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Aileron is a neat, sans-serif font that blends functionality with modern aesthetics. Its clean lines and open forms convey clarity and simplicity. It’s incredibly versatile for both text-heavy documents and minimalist designs, making it a fundamental choice for any modern toolkit.

2. Anastasia Script

Why it is a must-try Modern font: This flowing script font offers elegance and a personal touch, ideal for invitations or branding that requires a handcrafted feel. Anastasia Script adds a touch of sophistication and flair, perfect for designs that need a more refined and artistic style.

3. Anteb Bold

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Anteb Bold is a strong, impactful font that stands out for headers and titles with its solid, assertive presence. Its boldness makes it ideal for making statements and drawing attention in any visual composition.

4. Anton

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Anton is a sans-serif typeface designed for high impact. It has a tight and uniform structure that works great in large sizes. Excellent for headlines and any place where you need your text to pop, especially in ads or banners.

5. Arvo

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Arvo is a geometric slab serif that combines a contemporary feel with traditional design, making it readable and assertive. Its mix of modern and classic elements makes it a versatile choice for both print and web design.

6. Asap

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Asap is a sans-serif font designed for long-form text and displays with its round and open letters that enhance readability. Ideal for user interfaces and digital screens, where clarity and readability are crucial.

7. Bernoru

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Bernoru offers a quirky and unique style with its unusual shapes and curved lines, adding character to any design. Perfect for brands looking to stand out with distinctive and memorable typography.

8. Brasika

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Brasika blends readability with style, featuring soft edges and a friendly appearance that’s great for informal and formal designs alike. It’s a modern choice that adds warmth and approachability to any project.

9. CMU Serif

Why it is a must-try Modern font: CMU Serif is a classic, highly legible font rooted in academic and formal documentation, bringing an air of credibility. Its traditional serif design is essential for professional presentations and documents where trust and authority are needed.

10. Elika Gorica

Why it is a must-try Modern font: This font features elegant curves and fine details, embodying a sophisticated script style. It’s excellent for luxury branding or any design that requires a graceful and decorative touch.

11. Etna Sans Serif

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Etna is modern and geometric, with clean lines that give it a contemporary edge perfect for forward-thinking brands. Its minimalistic design makes it exceptionally adaptable for logos and tech-oriented designs.

12. Goudy

Why it is a must-try Modern font: A timeless serif font, Goudy exudes tradition and reliability, with a style that’s been popular for over a century. It brings a touch of classic dignity to any text, ideal for institutions and publications.

13. IBM Plex Serif

Why it is a must-try Modern font: This font is part of IBM’s signature typeface family, designed to express the unique and pleasurable nature of human interaction. Its combination of tech-friendly and humanistic qualities makes it ideal for both digital and print mediums.

14. Livvic

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Livvic is a minimal sans-serif that offers excellent legibility and style, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s modern and versatile, perfect for everything from web content to corporate branding.

15. Neue Machina

Why it is a must-try Modern font: An ultra-modern sans-serif with a mechanical structure and slightly rounded corners that give it a futuristic feel. Ideal for brands looking to project innovation and modernity.

16. Nexa Script

Why it is a must-try Modern font: This script font combines legibility with a dynamic flow, making it both beautiful and functional for medium to large sizes. Great for creating a friendly and inviting look in advertisements and web design.

17. Nove

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Nove offers a sleek and sharp appearance with structured letterforms that speak of sophistication and clarity. It’s excellent for high-end branding and editorial designs where clarity meets style.

18. Open Sauce

Why it is a must-try Modern font: This sans-serif is designed to be highly readable and adaptable, suitable for both text and display usage. Its neutral yet friendly appearance makes it a go-to choice for UI/UX designs.

19. Red Hat Display

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Specifically designed for titles and headings, this font features friendly and open curves, offering a modern and accessible look. It’s perfect for engaging readers in digital environments.

20. Shrikhand

Why it is a must-try Modern font: Shrikhand is a bold and playful display font with thick curves and an exotic feel, making it stand out in any creative project. Its striking appearance is perfect for impactful headlines and artistic projects.


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