How To Create Rainbow Text in Canva

Are you trying to create rainbow text in Canva? Learn how to do it with ease through the steps below.
Create Rainbow Text in Canva

Canva is loaded with multiple tools and features, but sometimes it falls short. However, on the bright side, its exclusive tools can be used to mimic the desired output.

In this scenario of creating rainbow text (gradient text), there isn’t a tool dedicated to it, but worry not, as there is a way around and here are steps for it.

Create Rainbow Text in Canva

  1. Start by navigating to Canva on your browser and sign in with credentials. To get started, we suggest creating a new project. To do it, click on the Create a design button present at the top right corner and select a design that matches your requirements.
Create a design
  1. Once the design is loaded, navigate to the Editor panel on the left and click on Elements. Now, search for Rainbow background in its associated search box and hit Enter.
Search for Rainbow background
  1. From the results, pick any that matches your requirements. For the demonstration, we considered a Graphic and added it to the design.
Selected Graphic
  1. With the graphic added to the design, press T to add a text box to the design, and once it is added, type the text and ensure the font size is large and the font type is engaging.
Adding text to design
  1. If you notice the above image, the text is filled with white, and to get the rainbow colors in it, reduce the transparency. To do this, click on the text box to display options at the top. Next, click on the Transparency icon and adjust the slider accordingly.
Adjust transparency
  1. Now, download the result and crop the image so that it features only the text. Next, upload it on Canva from the Uploads tab on the editor panel by clicking on the Upload Files button.
Upload image
  1. Once the image is uploaded, remove the background using the BG remover tool present in the Effects tab, which is displayed on clicking Edit photo.
BG remover tool
  1. By doing so, you’re left with the Rainbow text, and if you find the text appears too dull, adjust its color and brightness for the Adjust panel by setting values or managing the sliders.
Make color adjustments

Don’t have access to Canva Pro?  

The above approach uses the BG remover tool, a special tool made available to Canva Pro users. If you’re working on Canva Free, you might struggle with the above approach.

To address this, we have found a way around a here are steps for it:

  1. Follow Steps 1-5 from the above approach, and once the design is ready, download it by clicking Share > Download > Set File type as PNG and then click the Download button.
Download image
  1. Once the image is downloaded, crop it and navigate to to remove the background of it. remove background
  1. Now, download the image from and upload it to Canva. Next, repeat Step 8 from the above approach, and you’re left with an engaging rainbow text.
Final result

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on creating rainbow text on Canva!

While the above steps generate decent results, if you find them too complex or don’t match your expectations, we suggest working with conventional photo editors like Adobe Photoshop for better results and flexibility.

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