How To Make 2×2 Image Size in Canva

Are you trying to make a 2x2 image in Canva? Learn how to do it right away.
How To Make 2×2 Image Size in Canva

If you’re looking to create a 2×2 image for ID photos or design small printed materials like stickers or labels, Canva is one of the best options. While there is a resize tool dedicated to this in Canva, it is restricted to Pro users.

To address this, we have created steps below to help you make a 2×2 image on Canva Free with ease.

Note: The Magic Switch – Resize tool changes the size of the design according to your needs. However, the approach below involves creating a custom fixed design size. Hence, you can’t resize the image other than 2×2 inches.

Steps To Make 2×2 Image Size in Canva

  1. Start by navigating to Canva on your browser and sign in with your credentials. Once you’re on the home screen, navigate to the Custom size button and click on it. Next, set the measurements to inches and set the width and height to 2.
Custom size
  1. Now, clicking on the Create new design button creates an empty Label (Square) design. However, you can also select the Label (Circle) design from the Suggested section if you’re interested.
Created a label design
  1. If you notice in the image above, a circle label [2×2] is created. Also, if you look to the left, you’re provided with multiple templates matching the design, which can be added to it with a click.
Label created for demonstration
  1. However, if you’re working with Photos, prefer the Label (Square) while creating a new design.
  2. Once the Label (Square) is created, add your photo to the design from Uploads by clicking on it. If you haven’t added it to Canva yet, begin by clicking on the Upload files button associated with Uploads.
Upload files button
  1. After you have added the photo to the design, you will notice the dimensions of the photo are reduced to make it fit in the design, resulting in whitespaces. To avoid this, right-click on the photo, and from the options, click on Set image as background.
Whitespace left
  1. With the photo set to the background, a certain portion of it gets cropped and might create undesirable results. In such a scenario, double-click on it to open Crop. Next, adjust it accordingly so that the subject isn’t left behind.
Adjust the image
  1. After you have adjusted the photo and are happy with the results, click on the Share option present at the top right corner, and once the options are displayed, click on Download.
Download option
  1. Doing so displays the Download box with several options. Now look for File type and set it to PNG, and then click on the Download button.
Download button

Pro Tip: If you’re dealing with portraits to make ID cards or labels, click on the photo to reveal options on the top. Next, click on Edit image to open the Effects tab. Now, navigate to Magic Studio and click on BG Remover to create exceptional results.  

BG remover tool

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on creating a 2×2 image in Canva!

While there are no complaints with this approach, if you find the steps complex, we suggest you rely on online 2×2 image maker tools. The advantage of these tools is the automation and provides flexibility to make edits right away.

Online 2x2 image maker tools

However, if you’re dealing with confidential photos and are worried about privacy, prefer image editors like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc.

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