Why Is Canva So Slow: Tips To Improve Performance

Do you find Canva slow? Worry not! Follow the tips below to improve its performance right away.  
Why Is Canva So Slow: Tips To Improve Performance

Do you find Canva slow? Worry not! Follow the tips below to improve its performance right away.  

Sometimes, Canva might be too slow, and working on it can turn out to be extremely difficult. While it might sound like a serious issue, performing multiple tips like the ones suggested below can make it work as intended.

Work on your Internet connection

  1. Start by checking the device you’re using Canva on has an active and stable internet connection. You can check this by performing an internet speed test, and if it isn’t good, change the network.
Speed test
  1. Check Canva status and identify if its servers are active. If you see any result other than the one below, wait for a while and use Canva again.
Canva status
  1. If you’re connected to a VPN or have installed an Antivirus with strict network traffic regulation, try turning off features that regulate the network temporarily or add your browser as a trusted application.
Turning off firewall on Mcafee

Manage System resources wisely

  1. Google Chrome is known for its excess memory consumption, and most browsers behave the same way; hence, if your PC doesn’t have adequate memory, close all the unused tabs using Ctrl + W keys.
Close all tabs
  1. Chrome can turn slow if there isn’t enough memory available. In such a scenario, close all unused applications. Next, open Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys, navigate to the Startup tab, and then disable unnecessary Startup applications/services.
Disable startup applications

Note: While disabling startup applications or services, ensure you’re not disabling the important ones. For instance, disabling a crucial system service or application like antivirus with real-time scanning must be avoided.

  1. If your Canva design features multiple pages, separate the page you’re working on by copying it to a new design. Confused? Here are steps on how to do it.
  • Start by creating a new design by clicking on Create a design from Canva home. For demonstration, we have selected Logo.
Create a design
  • After the new layout is loaded, click on Projects on the left and then the Designs tab.
Design on Canva
  • Next, click on the design that features multiple pages you want to copy. Doing so, you’re displayed with the pages it features, and clicking on any will copy it to the empty page.
Large design copied to a new design

Make your Browser better

  1. If your browser’s cache and cookies aren’t cleared for a long time, it results in a slow browser. To remove them, press Ctrl + H keys to open History. Next, click on Clear Browsing Data from the option present on the left. Doing so opens a box, check the Cookies and Cache boxes, and click on Clear data.
Clear cache and cookies
  1. It is important to keep the browser up to date for it to function properly, and if it isn’t done regularly, it can turn slow. To avoid this, open Chrome settings by typing in the URL below, and if there is an update, Chrome will auto-download.
Updating Chrome

Note: The above tips listed in this section are demonstrated on Chrome. However, if you’re using any other browser, consider these tips as a reference. If your PC is low on memory, we suggest using a light browser that doesn’t consume a lot of resources.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on fixing Canva, which is running slow on your browser!

If you notice, all the tips that are mentioned above focus more on managing the memory of the PC, dealing with internet connection, or upgrading the browser. Hence, you don’t have to worry about making any changes to Canva except for those suggested above.

However, if the issue doesn’t get sorted and your PC has specs that meet Canva requirements, try reaching out to their customer support.

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