Best Cursive Fonts in Canva

Canva features a wide collection of fonts, and if you’re looking specifically for cursive fonts, check out our curated compilation.
Best Cursive Fonts in Canva

The role of fonts can never be overstated, as they play a crucial impact on the effectiveness and aesthetics of visual materials. Hence, if you’re trying to present or gather something, using the right font is a must.

As you’re trying to work on cursive fonts, you might be trying to achieve aesthetic appeal, add a personal touch, and infuse expressiveness into your work. While all cursive fonts promise the same, it is important to choose the right ones, and here we are to help you with this on Canva.

Precautions and Choosing the Right Cursive Font

  • Ensure that the cursive font is easy to read. Hence, avoid all caps and don’t use them for large body texts to prevent confusion in your design.
  • Select a cursive font that aligns with the theme and message of your project, as each font offers unique emotion and style.
  • While cursive fonts can be decorative, be cautious of their spacing and usage as they may distract the viewer.
  • Ensure you use the right size of the font so it looks good both in large headlines and smaller text.
  • If using fonts for commercial purposes, make sure you have the proper licensing to avoid legal issues.

How to Access Cursive Fonts in Canva

  1. Start by navigating and signing in to Canva to access projects and whiteboard.
  2. After your project is loaded, look on the left to find options, and from which, click on Text.
  1. Now head to the search box and type the word – Cursive or the name of the font and hit Enter.
  1. Doing so, you will be displayed with a wide collection of cursive fonts, and if you have specified the font, it shows the particular one and a preset font combination for ease of use.
Wide collection of cursive fonts

Best Cursive Fonts in Canva

Note: We haven’t included premium fonts, as the free ones are reliable. Our special interest in free fonts is to provide a cost-effective and accessible resource that benefits all types of Canva users.

Also, instead of describing each, we have categorized them accordingly to help you make easier decisions from the overwhelming options.

Cursive Fonts for Body Text

Cursive Fonts for Body Text

The cursive fonts below are suitable for enhancing the body text in your Canva projects. You can use these to add that personal touch to your written content.

  • Amsterdam: Invitations, event flyers
  • Breathing: Motivational quotes, affirmations
  • Brittany: Wedding invitations
  • Feeling Passionate: Anniversary cards, love notes
  • Halimum: Recipe cards
  • Holiday: Party invitations, travel brochures
  • Homemade Apple: Recipe book layouts
  • Jimmy Script: Event posters, restaurant menus
  • Moontime: Dreamy party invitations
  • The Youngest Script: Greeting cards, personal notes
  • Vintage Goods: Retro-themed designs

Cursive Fonts for Headings

Cursive Fonts for Headings

These cursive fonts are ideal for making headings and titles captivating and engaging within Canva designs. You can use these projects’s visual impact significantly.

  • Apricots: Food blog banners
  • Daydream: Travel itinerary headings, inspirational quote posters
  • Howell: Business presentation headings
  • JA Jayagiri Script: Event poster headings
  • Nickainley: Restaurant menu designs
  • Sacramento: Wedding announcement cards
  • Twister: Social media post headings

Cursive Fonts for Calligraphy

Cursive Fonts for Calligraphy

Unlike the above, the below cursive fonts bring the uniqueness of calligraphy to your Canva creations. Elevate your designs with these fonts designed for a touch of elegance and sophistication.

  • Anastasia Script: Wedding invitations
  • Le Jour Script: Greeting cards
  • Malibu: Fashion lookbook layouts
  • Pinyon Script: Historical event invitations, retro-themed designs
  • Russkopis: Call-to-action buttons, product labels
  • Sloop Script Pro: Certificates, diplomas

Wrapping Up

Through this article, we have provided arguably the best free cursive fonts in Canva. We hope you find the preview of each font useful, and if you’re unhappy with our suggestions, try to explore the fonts and pick the one that suits to your liking by checking the preview.

Also, ensure you follow the precautions above before working with any cursive font on Canva, as improper use of such fonts can drastically affect the look and design of the project.


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