How To Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Do you want to integrate your Outlook and Google Calendars seamlessly? Worry not! Check out the detailed steps below to do it right away.
How To Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Do you want to integrate your Outlook and Google Calendars seamlessly? Worry not! Check out the detailed steps below to do it right away.

It can be a hassle if you have a schedule planned on different calendars as it affects productivity and can also arguably make you miss events. In such a scenario, the best approach is to manage calendars in one place and to do that, follow the below steps that help you add Outlook calendar to Google calendar.

Note: Since the steps may vary across platforms, we’ve provided the web/browser approach as it is compatible across all platforms and sets a common stage for all.

Steps to Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

  1. Start by opening your web browser, navigate to Outlook, and sign in with your Microsoft account. Once done, look to the left and click on the Calendar icon.
Calendar on Outlook
  1. After you have access to the calendar, navigate to the top right corner and click on the Gear icon to open Settings. On clicking the Calendar, it reveals multiple options and from which, click on Shared calendars.
  1. Next, navigate to the drop-down under Publish a calendar and choose the calendar you want to add to Google Calendar. Before proceeding with clicking on Publish, ensure the permission is set to Can view all details.
Publish a Calendar option on Outlook
  1. If you have done it right, Outlook will generate links in HTML and ICS format. Now, click on any link and copy it to proceed further.
Publish links generated on Outlook
  1. With the above step, you have done everything needed on the Outlook calendar. Now, navigate to Google Calendar on a new tab or window.
  2. After you have signed in and it is loaded, look to the left, navigate to Other calendars, and click on the ‘+’ icon next to it.
Other Calendars on Google Calendar
  1. Doing so displays several options from where you can add a calendar and from which, click on the From URL.
From URL option on Google Calendar
  1. Selecting From URL opens settings, and in the text/input box provided, paste in the link that you copied earlier in Step 4 and click on the Add calendar button.
Add Calendar from URL on Google Calender
  1. If the Outlook calendar you’re adding features multiple events, it might take some time to appear in your Google Calendar. Hence, don’t close the tab unless completely added and you’re done.
  2. After the Outlook calendar is added to manage it further, you can click the three-dot menu beside the Outlook calendar in Google Calendar. Here, you can change the calendar’s name, update the time zone, and tweak notification settings.
Manage Outlook calendar added to Google Calendar

What You Gain by Adding Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

While most add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar to increase productivity and to manage calendars in one place, the advantages go beyond, and here are a few:

  • It ensures your events are up-to-date across different platforms as you sync Outlook and Google Calendars seamlessly.
  • It bridges the gap between Microsoft and Google ecosystems, allowing you to work effortlessly with diverse collaboration tools.
  • It helps you create a backup of your calendar data on Google Calendar for added redundancy and protection against potential data loss.

Apart from all of this, the biggest advantage lies in the ability to expand functionality by leveraging third-party applications and services seamlessly integrated with Google Calendar.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on adding Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar on the web!

While the above steps don’t misalign or miss any events, we suggest you glance at them and compare if the events are properly set, and none are missing before you completely stop using Outlook Calendar.


Which is better: Google Calendar or MS Outlook Calendar?

The answer depends on your requirements, and while usually, Google Calendar is preferred for its simplicity and seamless integration with other Google services. On the other hand, the Outlook Calendar is selected for its robust features and is often used in a professional setting.

How do I add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar on iPhone?

To integrate Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar on your iPhone, follow the below steps:
1. Start by accessing Settings > Tap Calendar > Add Account
2. Next, Select Google > Enter your details> Choose Outlook
3. Now, Enable the Calendars toggle for both accounts > Open the Calendar app > Tap Calendars > Enable the relevant Gmail and Outlook calendars for seamless integration.\

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