Canva File Types and Restrictions

Are you trying to use Canva and want to know its compatibility with file types? Here's everything you need to know.
Canva File Types

Canva is considered one of the best design tools for various reasons, and compatibility with different file types is one among them. In this guide, we will help you provide information on its Upload and Download file types and restrictions so you’re ready to use Canva.

Note: Before proceeding further, it is important to realize that Canva offers several plans, and its storage changes accordingly. Hence, if you’re a Canva-free user, you can upload media up to 5GB.

However, if you can access Canva for Education/Canva for Nonprofits, you can get 100GB. On the other hand, Canva Pro and Canva for Teams plan get you a massive 1TB of storage.

Canva Upload File Types

Upload File types

For Images: Canva supports JPEG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, WebP, and SVG formats.

  • JPEG, PNG, HEIC/HEIF, and WebP images: Should be under 25MB and not exceed 100 million pixels. Note that only static WebP images are currently supported.
  • SVG images: Should be under 3MB, between 150 to 200 pixels wide, and saved with an “SVG 1.1” profile.

For Audio: You can upload M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, or WEBM files if not more than 250MB.

For Video: The supported formats are MOV, GIF, MP4, MPEG, MKV, or WEBM.

  • For Canva Free users, if your video is between 250MB to 1GB, you’ll need to compress it as the limit is less than 1 GB.
  • Specific formats like Apple Intermediate, ProRes 4444, HDV 720p60, Go2Meeting3 (G2M3), Go2Meeting4 (G2M4), and videos with transparent backgrounds (use GIFs for short ones) are not supported.

For Fonts: Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, Canva for Education, and Canva for Nonprofits users can upload them.

  • Ensure your fonts are licensed for embedding, or the upload might fail. Supported font formats include Open Type Font (.otf), True Type Font (.ttf), and Web Open Font Format (.woff).
  • You can upload up to 500 fonts per Brand Kit.
  • Adobe Illustrator files are also supported but must be under 30MB, saved as a “PDF compatible format” file, and not have over 100 artboards. Also, layers, gradients, or masks should not be present.

For Documents: Canva supports .pptx, .ppt, .doc, .docx, .pdf

  • PowerPoint presentations are accepted if they are under 70MB, in the .pptx format, and free of charts, SmartArt, gradients, 3D objects, WordArt, tables, or pattern fills.
  • For Word documents, the size should be less than 100 MB, in .doc or .docx format.
  • Lastly, the .pdf format is supported for PDF files.

Canva Download File Types

Download File types

There aren’t any noticeable restrictions with the download file types except for restrictions with specific factors like quality, scale, compression, CMYK color profile options, and transparent PNGs and SVGs are made available to paid users.

Here is a list of Canva-supported download file types:

For Image:

  • JPG: A small-sized file perfect for photos. Adjust its quality and size by moving the sliders.
  • PNG: Ideal for graphics with transparent backgrounds. To reduce the file size, check the ‘Compress file size’ option and select a compression level between 0.5x and 3x.
  • SVG: Maintains high quality at any size and supports transparent backgrounds. Excellent for web graphics.

For Document:

  • PDF Standard: Suited for documents with images, text, and graphics at a 96 dpi resolution.
  • PDF Print: Best for print materials, offering 300 dpi resolution, options for bleed, crop marks, and color settings (RGB or CMYK).
  • PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint): Only for presentations. Other design types are not supported for download in PPTX. Note that designs may appear differently in PowerPoint, and adjustments or font downloads from Canva might be necessary.

Note: Animations and videos within presentations may not work as expected in Microsoft PowerPoint. If your presentation includes these elements, they might not play correctly after downloading as PPTX.

For Video:

  • GIF: Suitable for designs with motion or animated parts.
  • MP4: For designs that include videos and music.

Wrapping Up

While we included every possible file type using Canva and referring to its knowledge base, we might miss some non-prominent file types. We suggest checking this guide before proceeding further with a design to avoid inconsistencies and incompatibility halfway through the design.

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