How To Draw Straight Lines in GIMP

Are you trying to draw straight lines in GIMP? Learn how to do it with ease through the steps below.
Draw Straight Lines in GIMP

If you’re working on a design in GIMP that involves the use of lines and couldn’t get them straight, here are steps you have to pay attention to. Also, consider checking out the tip we have provided to get the perfect lines straight at all times.

Draw Straight Lines in GIMP

  1. Start by opening GIMP on your PC and wait for it to load completely. Once everything is loaded, navigate to the Menu Bar and click on File. Now, from the available options click on New to create a new image to work with.
Create a new image
  1. If you have already started working on an image, click on Open instead of New from the above step to load the existing work onto the canvas.
Open an image
  1. After the image/design is loaded onto the canvas, press N on your keyboard to use the Pencil tool. You can also use it by navigating to the Tools box present at the top left corner and clicking on its icon [Refer to the below image for better understanding].
Click on Pencil Tool
  1. With the pencil tool selected, try to draw a straight line and no matter how slow you do it isn’t possible.
  2. However, before drawing another line, left-click on the mouse to mark the start point. Now leave it hold the Shift key and left-click again to mark the end point and you have a straight line on the canvas [Refer to the below video for better understanding].

Pro Tip: While this solves the issue, even after holding the Shift key, you might not always get straight lines. However, to get it right at all times, hold Ctrl alongside Shift in Step 5 to restrict the angle of the straight line to multiples of 15° and avoid all imperfections.

  1. Once you get the straight line and are happy with the result, navigate to the Menu Bar and click on File. Next, from the available options, click on Export As. After the Export As dialog box appears, click on Select File Type at the bottom, and then select the file type from the list and click on Export.
Export image

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on drawing straight lines in GIMP!

While GIMP does the job as expected, if you find it difficult try using online design editors like Canva to ease the process. Also, you can MS Paint or Paint 3D for drawing straight lines as an alternative to GIMP.

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