How To Fix Lines on iPhone Screen 

How to Fix Lines on Iphone Screen

Your iPhone’s display screen may also display vertical or horizontal traces if it falls from a height. For the most part, this is the most established issue with all iPhone variants. Sometimes, the effective solution is to restart your iPhone. Verify whether your iPhone is still under warranty period. If so, then go to the Apple Store. It’s essential to note that attempting to open the iPhone yourself can void the warranty. 

Using a keyboard in landscape mode is a useful restoration if your display screen is acting unusually and is not responding. While it will only sometimes work, this may reduce the unresponsiveness of the display. Switching to landscape mode might make the screen cooperate better, providing a temporary solution until the problem is fully resolved.

Let’s go through a few easy and effective steps to figure out and solve those annoying lines on your iPhone screen.  

8 Effective Ways to Fix Lines on iPhone Screen 

Restart Your iPhone

If you notice lines in your iPhone display screen, a simple restore is to restart your phone. 

  • Turn it off, wait a few seconds.
  • Turn it on again. 

This can regularly clear up system faults or display troubles, providing a short and clean solution to the trouble.

Check for Software Updates 

If you have lines for your iPhone screen, a brief repair is to check for software program updates. Sometimes, these lines can be due to software system defects that updates can clear up. 

  • Open your iPhone settings, select General, and then select Software Update. 
Software Update Menu
  • If there’s an update to be had, go ahead and set it up. 
Software Update Install

This simple step may help out those pesky lines on your display. 

Adjust Display Settings 

Change the display settings on your iPhone to remove lines from the screen. 

  • Navigate to “Settings” 
  • Choose “Display & Brightness” 
Display and brightness option
  • Adjust text size and brightness. 

These modifications can sometimes fix problems with lines on the screen.

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Disable Reduce Transparency

Try turning off “Reduce Transparency” to clear the lines on your iPhone screen.  

  • Go to Settings, then Accessibility, and select Display & Text Size.  
Display and text size
  • Turn off “Reduce Transparency.” 
Reduce transparency

This can help you clean up the wires on your screen. If the problem persists, consider restarting your device or contacting Apple support for more help.   

Reset All Settings

You can try reconfiguring the entire settings to fix the characters on the iPhone screen. 

  • Go to “Settings”, then “General” 
  • Select “Reset.” Click “Reset All Settings” to confirm. 
Transfer or reset iPhone

This will not delete your data but will reset the system settings. If lines persist, it could be a hardware issue, and it is suggested that you contact Apple support for further assistance.

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Check for App Issues

When dealing with lines on your iPhone screen, check if they are coming from a specific app. Close and reopen the app causing the problem. If the line continues, consider updating the app or uninstalling it and reinstalling it. 

Sometimes, app errors can cause performance issues. If the problem persists, it could be a hardware issue, so you should contact Apple support for more help.

Perform a Hard Reset

Perform a hard reset to fix lines on your iPhone screen. Press and hold the home button and power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. This forces your iPhone to restart, often fixing performance issues.  

Check for Physical Damage

If there are any wires on your iPhone screen, check for physical damage. Inspect the panel for cracks or any obvious damage. Sometimes, these scratches appear on physical objects. If you notice something is wrong, it could cause a problem. 

In such cases, you should seek professional help or have the device inspected by authorized personnel to ensure that the diagnosis is accurate and repairable. 


Why do lines appear on my iPhone screen, and can I fix them myself? 

Various factors, including software glitches, physical injury, or hardware issues, can cause lines on your iPhone screen. Although users can try several solutions, such as restarting the tool or adjusting the settings, if the problem persists, it is advisable to try to seek professional help. 

Opening the iPhone yourself, especially if it’s still under warranty, can additionally void the warranty and is not recommended. 

Can changing display settings really help eliminate lines on my iPhone screen?

Yes, adjusting the show settings can sometimes help with problems with lines on the screen. 

  • Go to “Settings,” select “Display and Brightness,” and try to adjust the length and brightness of the textual content. 
  • Disabling features such as “Reduce Transparency” can also help resolve display issues.
  • If the traces persist, it may indicate a deeper problem, and you should remember to troubleshoot further or contact Apple’s store.

What should I do if the lines on my iPhone screen are due to physical damage?

If you suspect the lines result from physical damage, carefully examine your iPhone for cracks or visible damage. Additionally, physical damage may require professional help, and attempting to repair it yourself may worsen the situation. You should contact Apple Support or visit a certified service provider to assess the extent of the damage and discover repair options. 


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