How To Organise iPhone Home Screen

How To Organise iPhone Home Screen

Arranging the contents of your iPhone home screen makes it more functional and creates a pleasing visual for improved mobile functionality. Developing a well-structured layout with many apps and features is important, which will help you quickly access the frequently used applications without much clutter.

This guide helps you reorganize your iPhone’s home screen with simple steps. This will involve removing unnecessary applications and arranging the remaining ones in folders.

Why You Need to Organise the iPhone Home Screen

Organizing your iPhone home screen is very important to boost productivity and simplify handling of mobile phone functions. An organized layout can help you find important tools within many apps quickly, reducing the time spent searching for applications. A clean home screen improves efficiency and minimizes visual clutter, thus making the interface more enjoyable.

Regularly organizing your iPhone home screen helps to ensure that the digital space stays optimized and reflects your changing needs. Additionally, this allows you to consistently have a visually appealing interface while meeting all its functional purposes at any given time. Organized iPhone home screen makes your device more user-friendly.

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7 Ways to Organize Your iPhone Home Screen

Declutter Your Home Screen

To declutter your home screen, follow these steps:

  • First, delete apps you do not need to declutter your iPhone home screen. 
Delete App
  • Put apps into folders to group them by categories, like Social or Productivity, and only keep essential widgets for quick access. 
  • Place less-used apps on secondary pages, thus minimizing distraction.  
  • Use a clean wallpaper. This basic structure simplifies locating and using your apps while keeping the home screen clean. 

Group Similar Apps

Group similar apps together on your iPhone home screen to tidy it up. Drag one app on top of the other to create folders. For instance, put all social media apps in one folder, and the games are into another to clear your view for easy access. 

Group Similar Apps

Tap and hold an app until it jiggles, then drag onto another to make a folder. That’s the way to clean and organize the home screen!

Arrange Essential Apps on the Dock

Organize your iPhone home screen by booking key applications in the dock. Put mainly used apps such as Phone, Messages, and Safari here for easy access. Modify it according to your preferences; consider integrating Mail or popular social media apps. 

So keep the dock neat, with only a few essential apps for quick navigation. This feature makes your iPhone experience convenient as you can readily access its apps.

Utilize Widgets for a Quick Glance

Organize your iPhone with widgets to take a swift look. Put critical apps on the home screen for easy access. Widgets such as weather, calendar, and news can be arranged to keep you updated without hassle. 

Organize widgets

Organize related apps into folders, thus making it easy to navigate. Personalize your home screen by making it as efficient and visibly pleasing as possible. Widgets enable the convenient viewing of information and accessing apps.

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Organize by Function or Frequency

If setting up your iPhone home screen, you can organize apps by function or frequency. Function refers to managing similar apps, such as grouping all social media applications in one folder. Here, frequency refers to the way you arrange your frequently used apps on the main screen so that they are easily accessible. 

Choose the method you like – organize by function or put your most frequently-used apps in easy reach. Customize your home screen based on the way you navigate through your phone.

Use Search for Quick Access

  • Swipe down on the screen in order to see a App Library search bar, and enter the name of an app or category you are interested in searching for.
  • There will be no manual flipping of pages to search and access the apps.
Search app library
  • It’s a fast way to organize your desktop and find apps swiftly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, organizing your iPhone home screen will help improve your digital experience. Clearing the clutter, focusing on priorities, and personalizing will help you to create an interface that is easy to use yet reflects your likes, hence helping improve efficiency and productivity. Customize your iPhone the way you use it daily and navigate in this new digital environment without losing anything.


How can I quickly organize my iPhone home screen?

  • You can declutter your iPhone home screen by following these steps –
  • Delete unnecessary apps
  • Make folders to arrange similar apps.
  • Use clean wallpaper for a clutter-free home screen.

Is there a quick way to personalize app icons on my iPhone?

  • Yes, you can add a new widget by going to the Shortcuts app and simply choose “Open App,” select which one and customize its icon with an image from your gallery.

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