Best Calendar Apps for iPhone 

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

Before discussing the best calendar apps for iPhone, let’s understand why these apps are so important. Each one of us has tried to be organized and productive while working. For the majority of people, this usually starts with the new year and the resolutions that they make. With the new year almost knocking at your door, it’s time for you to take charge of your time and your life. 

Many of us are used to using Calendar on our iPhones to make sure that we do not miss out on anything, especially our important meetings and events that happen every day. So, let’s take a look at the best calendar apps for iPhone. 

Why Should You Use a Calendar on Your iPhone?  

In today’s fast-paced life, we have become increasingly dependent on technology. This is when useful apps like the Calendar on your iPhone come into the picture. Be it the scheduling of any meeting or a reminder for lunch with your friend, the calendar apps on your iPhone are the best way to keep all the work completion progress in check. 

If you believe that time is money, then it might not be an exaggeration to say that your calendar is your budget. Having a well-equipped calendar for your iPhone will definitely help you to take control of your work schedule and get going in a defined manner. We have curated a list of the top 5 calendars that are most suitable for iPhones:  


Fantastical UI

Fantastical is easily one of the most preferred apps of iPhone users. It is available on both iOS and MacOS. One of the main features of any calendar should be the easy-to-navigate design, and Fantastical gives you this exactly. It is a well-laid-out app and has color-coordinated themes. The best part is that you can also customize it as per your needs.  

One powerful feature that Fantastical has is the language detection feature, which helps you to enter any event by just typing in what you are doing. It auto-fills the correct information in respective fields, even if you just type out instructions like: ‘having lunch with Sara at the Heaven at 1:00 pm.’  

In today’s times, where everyone is accustomed to online meetings, Fantastical comes in handy as it recognizes links from various online meeting platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, etc. 

Fantastical does provide a free version of the app. But to avail all the features, you can opt for the Premium version, which costs $3.33 every month.  

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most widely used calendar app by almost all smartphone users. It is very easy to set up and is linked with all other Google apps. It is available in all kinds of systems, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone. So, if you work across multiple devices, this might be the app for you. 

Google Calendar has features that enable you to share your calendar and add and send invites for your events. It also allows your assistants and co-workers to schedule events on it. Google Calendar is free and very easy to use. 

Calendar 5 from Readdle

Calendar 5

The Calendar 5 app from Readdle has many similarities to Fantastical. It has various features, including adding multiple calendars, a logical layout, and natural language inputs. However, the best feature of the premium calendar app is the planner. 

The planner works in an efficient way by gathering all the tasks that you need to complete and then intuitively organizing them by dragging them to your calendar. 

This way, it helps in proper time management for getting your work done in an organized manner. 

This app is available for free on the complete Apple ecosystem, including the iPhone, iPad, MacOS, and the Apple Watch as well. However, if you want to avail some premium features like Multiple Calendars, then you need to pay a yearly subscription of $19.99. 

Apple Calendar 

Apple Calendar

The Apple Calendar is the built-in calendar on your iPhone. It has decent options for customization and is very simple to use, which is the basic requirement of most calendar users on iPhones. 

It is very easily navigable and can be synced with the other apps on your iPhone, including Apple Maps, making planning a very easy task. It can be connected to Google Maps and Outlook Calendars via iCloud if you need to use multiple calendars for different uses. Apple Calendar is free. 

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendars are deemed to be professional calendars. However, they are also quite suitable for personal use. The stand-out feature of the Outlook Calendar is its scheduling function, which offers alternative times if there is a clash of schedules. 

The only problem is that Outlook Calendars are not that easy to customize. It is a free app; however, you need to have an Outlook account to access the Outlook Calendar app. 

Key Takeaways

With so many Calendar apps available at your fingertips, it can be a very daunting task to choose the correct Calendar App for your iPhone. All you need to do is identify your needs and expectations from the Calendar App and then select an app wisely. 

Look out for the features that any app has to offer and then match them with your needs of a Calendar App on your iPhone. If this aligns with each other, then you have found the right Calendar App for your iPhone that has your schedule covered, and it will help you in working more productively. 

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