20+ Best Fonts on Canva – Essential Picks for a Variety of Needs

Canva categorizes its fonts into two groups: free and Canva Pro exclusive fonts. Find the top choices for both groups and more.

Canva offers a wide variety of fonts, suitable for different design needs and preferences. When selecting fonts for a design project, it’s essential to choose the right category to convey the intended message and tone. Each font category serves a distinct purpose and can significantly affect the readability and aesthetic of a project.

The platform categorizes its fonts into two groups: free and Canva Pro exclusive fonts. Users with free accounts have access to a robust selection of typefaces, while Canva Pro subscribers benefit from an expanded font library, which includes premium typefaces.

Here are some popular fonts on Canva:

  1. Recoleta (Premium available to free users): Recoleta combines a variety of 1970s typefaces with a modern twist, creating a soft, slightly curved serif font. It offers a nostalgic feel while still being highly readable, making it suitable for both headlines and body text.
  2. Nectarine: Nectarine is a vibrant, modern sans-serif font. Its clean lines and sleek design give it a contemporary look, perfect for fashion, technology, or lifestyle designs that require a touch of sophistication.
  3. Brown Sugar: This font has a warm, friendly feel, much like its namesake. Brown Sugar is a casual script font that mimics natural handwriting, making it ideal for invitations, greeting cards, and personal blogs.
  4. Cheque: Cheque is characterized by its geometric shapes and elegant, clean lines. This modern sans-serif font is great for minimalist designs or any project that requires a touch of sleek, straightforward professionalism.
  5. Oregano: Inspired by calligraphy and brush lettering, Oregano is a playful script font. Its informal style makes it perfect for creative projects, casual branding, or any design that needs a personal, handcrafted touch.
  6. The Seasons: The Seasons is a whimsical, decorative font, reminiscent of different seasonal themes. Its unique design makes it perfect for projects related to nature, seasons, or any creative venture that requires a distinct, artistic touch.
  7. Bangers: Bangers is a comic book-style font with a bold, loud appearance. Its strong, impactful letters make it perfect for headings, posters, and anything that needs to grab attention.
  8. Monoton: Monoton is a modern, chrome-styled geometric font. Its single-weight design and digital look make it suitable for music-related or tech-savvy projects that require a futuristic or electronic feel.
  9. Celandine: Celandine is a delicate, script font with a gentle, flowing style. It’s ideal for elegant designs like wedding invitations, boutique branding, or any project that needs a touch of finesse and elegance.
  10. Black Mango: Black Mango is a bold, contemporary font with a strong presence. Its solid, assertive style makes it great for impactful headlines, branding projects, or any design that requires a confident, modern touch.
  11. Montserrat: This geometric sans-serif typeface is very versatile and perfect for both headers and body text.
  12. Playfair Display: This serif font has a classic, elegant look, making it great for more formal or traditional designs.
  13. Raleway: A clean, sans-serif font that works well for both headings and body text. Its simple elegance makes it a popular choice.
  14. Lato: Known for its readability, Lato is a balanced sans-serif font that’s suitable for both web and print design.
  15. Roboto: A modern, sans-serif font with a mechanical yet friendly feel. It’s great for user interfaces and web content.
  16. Oswald: This sans-serif font is particularly effective for headings and short texts. It has a slightly condensed style that stands out.
  17. Poppins: A geometric sans-serif typeface with a modern look, Poppins is excellent for headings and emphasizes clarity and readability.
  18. League Gothic: A powerful, impactful font, League Gothic is great for bold statements and headings.
  19. Pacifico: A fun, script font that adds a personal, hand-written touch to designs.
  20. Avenir Next: A clean, professional font that works well in both headers and body text, known for its contemporary look and readability.

Canva users are not limited to Canva’s default selection; they possess the capability to upload custom fonts. This feature significantly widens the horizon for branding and design personalization, especially for users seeking to maintain brand consistency across their designs.

Font Suggestions by Purpose

Selecting the right font is essential for effective communication across various platforms. Each font has its own character, making it suitable for different applications, from social media graphics to professional presentations.

Fonts for Social Media

For social media, where visual appeal is paramount, Recoleta combines a retro vibe with a modern twist, suitable for brands that aim for a touch of class. Nectarine stands out for its playful energy, excellent for engaging and vibrant posts. In contrast, Quicksand is a clear and readable sans-serif font that maintains readability across social platforms.

Font NameUsesCharacter
RecoletaPosters, LogosRetro, Modern
NectarineBanners, PostsPlayful, Energetic
QuicksandText OverlaysClear, Readable

Business and Professional Fonts

For business and professional settings, fonts like Montserrat and Arvo deliver a clean and authoritative look ideal for business cards and presentations. Cy Grotesk provides a contemporary style that works well for minimalist logos and professional layouts.

Font NameUsesCharacter
MontserratPresentations, WebClean, Authoritative
ArvoReports, TextLegible, Strong
Cy GroteskLogos, TypographyModern, Professional

Fonts for Advertising and Packaging

When it comes to advertising and packaging, the font should be both attention-grabbing and readable. Grand is perfect for headlines and poster designs, while Playfair Display exudes a sense of sophistication for premium products. Tan Astoria provides a delicate and elegant touch, fitting for high-end packaging.

Font NameUsesCharacter
GrandAd HeadlinesBold, Impactful
Playfair DisplayLuxury PackagingSophisticated, Stylish
Tan AstoriaCosmetic LabelsDelicate, Elegant

Here are some more specific font suggestions:

Understanding Font Categories

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts feature small lines or strokes attached to the ends of their letters. These fonts are considered traditional and are often associated with print newspapers and books. They’re known for their ease of readability in printed works and convey a sense of formality and professionalism. Examples of serif fonts include Times New Roman and Georgia.

Sans Serif Fonts

Contrary to serif fonts, sans serif fonts lack the decorative lines at the end of letter strokes. They appear sleeker and more modern, making them a popular choice for digital content, where simplicity and clarity are essential. Arial and Helvetica are commonly used sans serif typefaces.

Script Fonts

Script fonts resemble handwriting and can range from elegant, flowing styles to more casual, lighthearted designs. They are typically used for invitations, branding, and for emphasis. Script fonts must be used sparingly as they can impact legibility if overused or in longer passages.

Display Fonts

Display fonts are designed to catch the eye and are used for headings, posters, and any application where a strong visual impact is desired. Also known as decorative fonts, they come in a variety of styles and are not meant for body text. Display fonts should be chosen with the project’s theme in mind to enhance the overall design.


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