8 Top Alternatives To Restream

Restream is a live streaming software that is used to stream video content across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and 30+ others. It offers a unified platform with customizable live streams and chat boxes to easily connect with your audience. Restream has a ...

6 Alternatives to Invision (Windows + Mac)

InVision is an application software used for digital design prototyping to create user interfaces and experience. Prototyping is a huge part of the UI/UX design process, it is done to test different designs to make sure the product works as intended before it gets handed off to the developers ...

4 Fastest Browsers For Windows 10 (with Speed Tests)

The very first Web browser was called WorldWideWeb (name of the browser, not to be confused with the World Wide Web). It was created by an English computer scientist named Timothy John Berners-Lee who also invented THE World Wide Web in 1989. It was later renamed to Nexus to avoid confusion. This ...

10 Best Bluestacks Alternative For Windows & Mac

The BlueStacks application is an app that allows Android applications to be run on PCs with Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems. The app’s basic features can be downloaded and used for free. However, advanced optional features require a paid monthly subscription.  6 BlueStacks ...

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