How To Prompt Midjourney

Are you using Midjourney for the first time or having a hard time generating prompts? Learn how to do it right through our tips and steps.
How To Prompt Midjourney

Midjourney generates exceptional results when you get the prompts right. While this doesn’t apply at all times, it needs to be paid attention as it plays a significant role.

In this guide, we will present you with suggestions first and then provide steps on entering prompts in Midjourney. We advise you to experiment while referring to the tips for reliable results.

Tips for Effective Midjourney Prompts

  • Use clear keywords for a focused AI response, be specific.
  • Understand different art styles for tailored prompts, and be aware of the theme.
  • Bring subjects to life with vivid details for coherent compositions, be detailed.
  • Dive deep into characters’ emotions and goals for immersive artwork, imagine the character right.
  • Use expressive language to convey mood and atmosphere for creative AI responses.
  • Include image references or use “/describe” for clearer AI understanding.
  • Specify pixel dimensions or aspect ratios for desired digital artwork.
  • Use negative prompts to guide AI away from undesired features.
  • Incorporate photography terms for desired lighting and composition, be technical.
  • Allow room for AI experimentation, and be patient with the outcomes as one might be unexpectedly the best.

Getting Started with Prompts

  1. The first thing you need to look for is the way to work with Midjourney on Discord. For this, there are multiple ways to access it through Newcomer rooms/Channels, Midjourney Bot, or a Custom Server.
  • Newcomer rooms can be accessed through the channels listed by clicking the Midjourney Server.
Newbie rooms
  • Midjourney Bot can be accessed through direct messages. If it isn’t listed, use the search box or open a channel and access it from the panel on the right.
Access Midjourney Bot
  • Custom Server can be used to invite Midjourney Bot and access it privately.
Midjourney Private Server
  1. After you’re capable of accessing Midjourney, navigate to the message box and type / to gain access to enter prompts.
Use prompts
  1. With the command entered, you can start entering the prompts in the prompt box provided, and you’re done.
Prompt box

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to prompt Midjourney!

While you might not get the desired results at all times, using the tips provided and experimenting by entering different prompts can get you reliable results. Also, include parameters in the prompt wherever possible to make Midjourney generate images according to your requirements.

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