How To Use Midjourney for Website Design

Are you trying to use Midjourney for website design? Learn how to use it to your assistance through the easy steps below.
Use Midjourney for Website Design

Midjourney offers the flexibility to generate images, but if you get creative, you can use it for several scenarios. In this guide, we will help you use Midjourney for website design, where you can use the generated images as inspiration and save time by avoiding designing from scratch.

Use Midjourney for Website Design

Before we generate images for reference, here are a few factors to include in your prompt to get the desired results.

  • Include Keywords: The most important thing to do is specify the keyword –web design or website home page and then mention the website type (Blog, eCommerce, Business, Informational, Personal, etc).
  • Specify the Style: The website type alone doesn’t complete the prompt. Hence, mention the style to add more information to the prompt (Abstract, Minimalist, Elegant, Luxury, Vibrant, Futuristic, etc).
  • Include --ar parameter: As you’re trying to generate the image for different platforms, it is important to specify the aspect ratio (16:9 or 9:16 are the most commonly used).

With the above factors apparent, create a prompt and use /imagine command to generate images from the Midjourney Bot, Channels, or the Private server. Here are a few examples based on the above factors:

an ecommerce website, home page for car spare parts store, --ar 9:16

Example 1
Example 1_1

an informational website home page for a news agency, minimalist, –ar 9:16

Example 2
Example 2_2

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to use Midjourney for Website Design!

Throughout the article, we have mentioned that the results can only be used for reference as Midjourney fails to generate accurate text and the results rarely reliable. Hence, it is necessary to modify the generated images, which can take time.

The best way to address this is to consider the image generated and proceed with the design from scratch, as Midjourney has already got you covered with a reference.

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