What Version of Midjourney Am I Using

Are you trying to find out the Midjourney version you’re using? Learn how to do that using the simple steps below.
Find and change Midjourney Version

Midjourney offers the flexibility for you to work with its different versions. While this is reliable, if the version has been changed by others who have access to your Discord account, you would continue using it without knowing.

In this guide, we will help you find the version of Midjourney you’re using within a few steps. Also, we provided steps for changing the versions to get you back on the latest version.

Find and Change Midjourney Model/Version

  1. Access Midjourney through the Midjourney bot, channels, or its custom private server from Discord to enter commands. Once you have gained access, click on the message box and type /settings.
Settings command
  1. As you can notice in the above image, the drop-down displays the version that is currently being used. In this scenario, the default model (V6) is being used.
  2. Let us assume that you’re on the other version, and to change it, click on the drop-down, and you’ll be presented with available Midjourney versions. Now, you select the desired version/Model, and once the text in the drop-down updates, you can generate images using the set version.
Versions drop down

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning to find the Midjourney version you’re in and changing it to the desired version!

While you can work with different versions, be careful while changing to older ones; most of its features are deprecated and can’t be accessed. Also, image generation turns poor, wasting fast hours. Hence, try to be on the latest model unless you know what you’re working with.

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