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Not sure how to reach out to Canva for your problems? Here is a brief guide on Contacting customer support Canva.

We're offering a breif guide on How to change logo color in Canva.

Are you struggling to find a match for a font in Canva? Worry not! Check out the below approaches to do it right away.

Are you having difficulty adding links to a design in Canva? Worry not! Check the below-detailed steps to do it right away.

Adding grid lines in Canva is easy. Learn how to add and customize them through the detailed steps.

A brief guide for our readers on how they can easily add a gradient in Canva.

Are you trying to remove the background in Canva? May it be an image or video, follow the detailed steps to do it right away.

Are you trying to stretch an image in Canva? Worry not! Learn how to do it right away using the steps below.

Canva provides flexibility to replace images, and if you're figuring out how to do the same, keep reading to find out how.

Canva does not natively offer a way to invert colors on any platform. Please keep reading to find out different approaches on how you mimic and achieve it

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