How To Make Midjourney More Realistic

Are you trying to generate realistic images on Midjourney? Learn how to do this using the tips provided.
How To Make Midjourney More Realistic

Midjourney generates images based on the prompts you provide. While there isn’t a dedicated approach to generating more realistic images, we suggest you consider our tips and experiment with them until you get the desired result.

Tips to Make Midjourney More Realistic

  • Include Keywords:  Photorealistic, HD, Ultra-Realistic, 4K, Natural Lighting, Lifelike Colors, Cinematic Quality, etc to bring the best out of Midjourney.
  • Add details to Human and Animal Characters: In most cases, anyone would try for realism when generating Human faces. Hence, details that represent realistic facial expressions and natural human poses should be added.
  • Specify the Lighting Conditions: Lighting enhances the image significantly, and to get realistic results, mention lighting conditions (studio light, soft morning light, harsh midday sun, dimly lit room, etc.)
  • Include Camera Terms: Aperture, ISO, Exposure, HDR, Noise, etc., to make Midjourney perform better.
  • Perspective and Depth: Indicating perspective – Bird eye view, Eyelevel, etc., and including depth makes the images accurate.
  • Color Accuracy: For more control over the image generation, include color schemes like warm autumn colors, vibrant sunset hues, monochromatic blue shades, etc.
  • Atmospheric Effects: Mention any atmospheric conditions you would like to include, like morning fog, dusty air, and underwater light scattering, to enhance the results further.
  • Describe Textures and Materials: It isn’t always necessary to describe textures and materials unless needed, as it might take the attention off the subject.

Note: It isn’t necessary to include all the above factors in a prompt. We suggest you include factors according to the image you generate, or you might have undesirable results.

For the demonstration, we will create realistic photos for three scenarios. Check the prompts in the screenshot for reference and get creative while experimenting to get the result according to your requirements.

Demonstration of a Human
Demonstration of a place
Demonstration of a difficult scenario

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to generate more realistic images on Midjourney!

While the above tips have helped us get reliable results, we suggest you try generating different prompts. Once you get decent results, include parameters to the prompt to make it more realistic. Also, don’t forget to upscale before downloading the image.

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