What Does Stylize Do in Midjourney

Are you trying to create artistic images in Midjourney? Learn how to do it with ease through the steps below.
What Does Stylize Do in Midjourney

The best part of Midjourney is flexibility, as it offers several options to help you generate images like you want. In this guide, we will teach you to create artistic effects through the –stylize or –s parameter and provide all necessary insights to get you all covered.

Using Stylize in Midjourney

Working with parameters is easy in Midjourney. To use them, they must be added to the prompt. For this, access Midjourney through Discord’s bot, channels, or custom private server and use /imagine command. Here is how to get started:

Getting Started:

  1. After gaining access to Midjourney on Discord, navigate to the message box and enter the prompt to generate an image.
  2. With the image grid generated, we will enable variations versions using Remix mode to demonstrate different stylization values by clicking on the respective V button.
Midjourney generated image

Stylize (Low)

/imagine prompt <insert_your_prompt_here> --s 50
Stylize Low

Stylize (Medium – Default)

/imagine prompt <insert_your_prompt_here> --s 100
Stylize Default

Stylize (High)

/imagine prompt <insert_your_prompt_here> --s 250
Stylize High

Stylize (High, V2)

/imagine prompt <insert_your_prompt_here> --s 500
Stylize High, V2

Stylize (Very High)

/imagine prompt <insert_your_prompt_here> --s 750
Stylize Very High

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to use the stylize parameter to create artistic images!

The stylize parameter is arguably the best way to change the artistic level of the image instead of using prompts. This is because prompts might not always generate the expected results, wasting precious minutes.

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