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Are you trying to cancel a job in Midjourney? Learn how to do it with ease through the easy steps below.
How to Cancel a Job In Midjourney

If you have been using Midjourney to generate images, you might have entered or performed a wrong action. In this scenario, the fast minutes are wasted, and to prevent this from happening, Midjourney has introduced the CancelJob button. Check out the below demonstration to learn how to use it.

Cancel a Wrong Action/Job

Performing a wrong action/job refers to accidentally using Midjourney features like Separate, Upscale, Vary, Redo, Zoom, and Pan. Here’s how to use Cancel job in such a situation:

  1. Open Midjourney and navigate to the Midjourney bot, channel, or private server to access the associated message box. Next, try to generate an image using the /imagine command.
imagine command
  1. After generating the image grid, separate the image that matches your requirements using the respective U option.
Separate image from the grid
  1. With the image separated, click on Upscale, Vary, Redo, Zoom, or Pan and ensure you make the wrong selection.
Click on any option
  1. As you have made a wrong selection, it is essential to cancel the operation to save the fast minutes. To do this, click on the Cancel Job button, and you will find that the operation/process is terminated.
Cancel Job button

Note: Ensure to click the Cancel Job button before 60 – 75% progress for Midjourney to terminate the operation/process successfully. If you do it late, Midjourney fails to terminate, and fast minutes are utilized.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to cancel a job in Midjourney!

While the above approach is arguably the only way to cancel a job, if you have entered a wrong prompt while using the /imagine command, the Cancel Job button doesn’t appear. In this scenario, use the X emoji to terminate image generation.

Cross mark emoji

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